All Ideas About Digital Transformation For Hotels

All Ideas About Digital Transformation For Hotels

Digital transformation is the process of using technology to improve all aspects of a business, from operations to customer experience. While discussing about the hotel industry, then the term digital transformation for hotels is all about using technology to create a more seamless, personalized, and efficient experience for guests and customers in current era.

Here are some of the ways that hotels are using digital transformation to improve their business. Following these ideas you can improve your hotel business with the adaption of few techy methods like mentioned below:

Mobile Apps For Check-In And Check-Out

Guests can now use their smartphones or tablets to check in and out from their hotel rooms, without having to wait in line at the front desk for customer support agent. The method is very common in advance countries and it also saves guest’s time and provides a more convenient check-in/check-out experience during their stay in hotel.

Self-Service Booths

Hotels are also using self-service kiosks/booths that allows customers for check in and out, as well as to book amenities, get directions, and access other information like billing and cleaning. This can help to reduce the workload of hotel staff management and provide customers with more control over their experience during the stay.

Smart Room Technology

Smart room technology allows guests or customers to control over the lights, room temperature, and other amenities in their room using their smartphone or tablet. This can create a more comfortable and personalized experience for guests.

Digital Signage

Signage play an important role during traveling and wondering around. Hotels use this method of digital signage to display information about the hotel staff, upcoming events, dining options, and way-finding. This can help to improve the guest experience and make it easier for guests to find what they need.

Big Data And Analytics

Hotels are using big data and analytical tools to collect and analyze data about guest preferences and behavior. Customer’s consent about the information to collect is mandatory in such condition. This data can be used to improve marketing techniques, hotel operations, taste of the meal, room condition, living experience in the hotel, and customer service.

Improved Guest Experience

Digital transformation for hotels can help to improve the guest experience by making it more convenient, personalized, and efficient. For example, mobile check-in/check-out and self-service kiosks can save guests time and provide them with more control over their experience. Smart room technology can create a more comfortable and personalized experience for guests.

Opportunity To Increase Revenue

Digital transformation can help hotels to increase revenue by improving their marketing and operations. For example, hotels can use big data and analytics to target their market segment more effectively and to identify areas where they can improve their operations. Digital transformation of hotels can help hotels to reduce costs by automating tasks and streamlining processes.

A better guest experience leads to more repeat guests and more positive word-of-mouth, which can both lead to increased revenue. For example, hotels can use data to target potential guests who have shown an interest in the hotel or its amenities.

There is another advantage of digital transformation for hotels to increase direct bookings, which can save them money on commissions paid to travel websites. For example, hotels can use a booking engine on their website and offer discounts and incentives for guests who book directly.

Hotels can use digital transformation to generate new revenue streams, such as by offering online services, such as spa appointments, restaurant reservations, and tickets to local attractions. Hotels can also use digital technology to upsell and cross-sell guests on additional services and amenities.

We can witness some specific examples of how hotels are using digital transformation to increase revenue. The hotel chain Hilton uses a mobile app to allow guests to check in and out, order room service, and control the lights and temperature in their room. The app also provides guests with access to information about the hotel and its amenities. Hilton has found that guests who use the app tend to stay longer and spend more money at the hotel.

The hotel chain Marriott uses a customer relationship management (CRM) system to track guest preferences and behavior. This data is then used to target guests with personalized marketing offers. Marriott has found that the CRM system has helped to increase direct bookings and revenue.

The hotel Hyatt is another leading American chain that uses a booking engine on its website to allow guests to book rooms directly. Hyatt also offers discounts and incentives for guests who book directly. Hyatt has found that the booking engine has helped to increase direct bookings and save money on commissions.

The hotel chain AccorHotels uses a digital platform to sell online services, such as spa appointments, restaurant reservations, and tickets to local attractions. AccorHotels has found that the digital platform has helped to generate new revenue streams.

Strategies About Digital Transformation For Hotels

If you are a hotelier and you are interested in starting your digital transformation journey, here are a few tips:

Define Your Goals

What do you want to achieve with digital transformation? Do you want to improve the guest experience, increase revenue, reduce costs, or improve efficiency? Once you know your goals, you can start to develop a plan to achieve them.

Assess Your Current Technology

What technology are you currently using? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Once you have a good understanding of your current technology landscape, you can start to identify areas where you need to improve.

Invest In The Right Technology

According to authors of get health articles, don’t just invest in technology for the sake of it. Make sure that you are investing in the right technology to achieve your goals.

Train Your Staff

Make sure that your staff is trained on how to use the new technology. This will help to ensure that the technology is used effectively and that guests have a positive experience.

Measure Your Results

Track your progress and measure your results so that you can see what is working and what is not. This will help you to make necessary adjustments to your digital transformation plan.


Digital transformation for hotels is an essential part of the future profitable business and hotel industry. Hotels that embrace digital transformation will be better positioned to compete and succeed in the years to come. Overall, digital transformation can be a powerful tool for hotels to increase revenue. By improving the guest experience, targeting marketing efforts more effectively, increasing direct bookings, and generating new revenue streams, hotels can use digital technology to drive growth and profitability.